"The Church Where A Stranger Is A Friend And Jesus is Lord."
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Shiloh Baptist Church was built by five freed slaves in 1868.  Shiloh origins began from the Mother church Bethel Baptist Church, which is also located in Palmyra, VA. Members began to worship in a bush arbor the first construction of the church, in which they named Shiloh to symbolize rock and strength. The second building of worship was a log cabin, which was located directly adjacent to the present church location.  The present church was built on land donated by Mr. Joe Johnson. 

The construction of the Shiloh Baptist Church is a physical inheritance and a great spiritual legacy, which enriches each member.  It is a constant reminder of the struggles, sacrifices, sorrows, joys and especially of the undying faith that carried our predecessors and us thus far.  The Shiloh church has led and inspired the leadership of some great ministers.  Each minister contributed many great things to the renovation of this holy temple.